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About Us

Dena Youth Basketball is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization developed to provide girls from K-High School , no matter what their skill, creed, nationality or economic background, an opportunity to learn and play the game of basketball.


Pasadena Vikings teams are designed to provide the opportunity to play competitively while also gaining a solid base of fundamental skill. Team practices will be scheduled in addition to regularly scheduled clinics, or a portion of clinic time will be set aside for team practice. All participants in clinics and on teams will be taught a skill base that will prepare them for team play.

We are a DEVELOPMENT FIRST ORGANIZATION, NOT AN ELITE ORGANIZATION. We have developed countless players from basic understanding of the game to being productive members of their middle school and high school teams, often producing ALL LEAGUE, ALL CIF and our share of college bound D1, D2, D3 and community college players.


We are not a drop-in when it is convenient type of club program; however, we are willing to be flexible, within reason, about player participation.


We are a very parent friendly organization that does not place great demands of time or resources upon families regarding practices, fees or tournament schedules. Each team develops organically and should a particular team excel, that teams schedule may vary from the norm to include more competitive events including national level events.


Vikings players will be expected to behave in all aspects as committed, respectful, enthusiastic and focused athletes. This means we expect them to prepared for practices and games, dressed, warmed up/stretched out, and ready to go at the appropriate time. We also expect that they will always be positive toward teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, etc. We always acknowledge and thank opponents and referees after every game, and we take pride in our entire program exemplifying the highest level of class and respect on and off the court.


Each family will be responsible for a monthly team fee that is subject to change based upon many variables, such as number of practices, additional gym costs, insurance fees or miscellaneous fees as required by the PUSD. There may be additional fees required during a given month, depending on the cost and number of tournaments we participate in. We will do our very best to have a solid schedule set prior to the beginning of a season, but parents should be aware that we reserve the right to either change or cancel tournaments based upon the needs of the club. The monthly fee must be paid in full, according to the payment schedule, prior to participation. If extenuating circumstances exist, parents are expect to communicate with coaches.


Winning and Losing

The Pasadena Vikings are about development and preparation for the future, first and foremost. With that said, we are firmly committed to teaching our players the importance of the effort to win, the importance of the desire to win and the importance of the work and commitment required to win. Our program has had extended success in the win-loss column, but we have been able to maintain a healthy balance between our development and our record. We have been able to provide advanced playing opportunities for our players, and have seen those opportunities lead to success upon entering Middle School, High School and College.

Roster Size

Roster spots on Vikings teams are assigned without regard to age and rosters will be built at the discretion of the Viking staff. We will make every attempt to keep game rosters to an 8-10 player maximum. Should we have 12 or more players available to field competitive teams, we may split the group in two teams. We believe that game time is an important aspect of player development and that smaller team sizes allow coaches to provide substantial game experience to each player.


Team Placement

The Pasadena Vikings are a developmental program. Our teams will play according to skill level and where they can best achieve the goals they set out to accomplish. Our players have come to expect the opportunity to play with the best of their age group. The Vikings will place players where they have the greatest opportunity for physical and mental development, as well as the greatest opportunity for success. Success breeds confidence and confidence entering high school is one of our primary objectives. Our rosters remain fluid throughout the year and may be amended for a specific tournament or in a more permanent fashion, based on the Viking coach's staff evaluation.


Playing Time

DYB expects all parents with players in the program to understand that our primary goal is long term development. Your child needs time to develop and apply the lessons learned from training. Some players develop at a more rapid pace due to any number of variables, some of which they are in control of. Others develop more slowly, but ALL will develop if player and parents exercise diligence and patience. 


Playing time WILL NOT always be distributed evenly. Our goal is always to play as many people as possible for as many minutes as possible if the situation dictates. Each coach will use his or her experience and judgment in providing playing time for our players. Each game and situation is unique and provides new challenges for coaches and players. The coach has the final word on who plays and for how long. Parents are expected to support the coaches' decisions and NOT initiate confrontations with players or coaches as it relates to playing time. See Parental Behavior for further information.



Normally, each of our players will be coached by our most experienced coaches in every game of every tournament or league we enter. The Vikings have a team coaching philosophy that has worked well for us in the past. Each team will have a primary coach, but we may rotate coaches during a tournament as the need arises or simply to expose the team to that coach. ALL DYB coaches should be treated with the same high level of respect at all times, regardless of who your primary coach is. We will make every effort to schedule our younger teams in events that do not conflict with the events of the older teams to provide us maximum flexibility in our staffing.


Parental Behavior

Behavior that is unprofessional in nature, disruptive to the group, or negative toward other parents, players, coaches or referees is counter productive to our mission. Should unacceptable parental behavior persist, those parents and their child will be asked to leave the program. No monthly fees will be refunded.

Vikings parents agree to never voice complaints, suggestions or comments to any coach or player in the program at any game or practice site. Although it is well intentioned, attempting to give instruction or make suggestions to a player or coach in a game or practice is highly disruptive. Part of our program goals involve preparing players and parents for high school and college basketball. Parents will not be at high school or college practices/games, telling their children what to do while the coaches are directing the team. We expect our players to be focused on instructions from the DYB staff at all times and ask that parents respect that, both for the benefit of their child and for the program. Should concerns arise, all DYB coaches are happy to discuss player progress with parents when approached properly and at an appropriate time. That time is never around other players or parents and never held in the heat of the moment. Interaction with opposing fans in a way that breeds hostility or sharp words being exchanged is flatly UNACCEPTABLE. This behavior creates an atmosphere that is contrary to our values and should a parent be guilty of such behavior, they and their child(ren) may be asked to seek a different club opportunity.


Coach Ed and Coach KayCee are available to handle any issues that may arise, but we are adamant about parental behavior being positive, productive and respectful for the players and the program. We expect all player, coaches and parents to exemplify the highest level of class and respect in any activities involving The Pasadena Vikings.



Club team fees are required to be paid at the first of each month or the beginning of a session. Special clinics and training sessions will be made available to players for an additional nominal fee. Game uniforms are mandatory for each player and must be purchased upon signing up for club team participation. See your coach for information about obtaining your uniform package (bag and home/away uniforms). Tournament fees will be noted on an individual basis and will be due and payable by the specified deadline. Transportation and any potential accommodations will be the responsibility of each family.


Player Expectations

Your commitment to Pasadena Viking Basketball says that you will do your best to learn and play at the highest level possible. Below we have highlighted some thoughts about what it means to play at a high level:


Be a leader at all times:

- Leaders step up and take responsibility for themselves and their team - they are accountable

- Leaders communicate - teamwork does not happen without communication.

Leaders bring their teammates together, huddle up, and get things focused in a positive direction.

- Leaders support their team, coaches, parents, everyone - on and off the court, from the bench - ALWAYS.

If a teammate is knocked down, we all hustle over to help them up.

- Leaders respect others and themselves at all times - a leaders' behavior is never counter-productive.

- Leaders are focused - they play with a sense of urgency, while remaining poised and confident.

- Leaders set achievable daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals and work to achieve them.

- Leaders are courageous, unafraid to make mistakes, and understand mistakes are part of learning.

- Leaders create an environment to play in that is competitive and high energy, while fun & supportive.

Leaders clap, cheer, and acknowledge their teammates when they make a good play.

Leaders pick each other up when they make a mistake. They NEVER down each other.

Leaders build confidence.

- Leaders are the first to arrive in the gym to start working on their game and the last to leave.


Be Prepared

- Be on time, warmed up, stretched and ready to go when practice starts.

- Bring your water bottle so we can quickly take water breaks, or so you can grab water while resting briefly during a drill.

- Bring and wear proper basketball clothing - shoes, shorts, etc. - no jewelry, watches, etc.


Be a Complete Player

- You should be prepared to play all positions - be able to handle, pass, shoot & defend at all positions.

- Rebound and defend, and we don't care how many GOOD shots you take.

- Don't Rest or Take it Easy! Sub out when tired (if you are saving it, you will save it on the bench). Be in shape to play

at any pace required.

- Don't ever be out of a game - when you are on the bench, stay ready. Know who you will go in for, understand what's going on, cheer on your teammates. Be a leader.

- Score!! Your mindset has to be aggressive - attack the basket, knock down the open shot, create for your teammates, always be a threat to score!

- Know your team strategies, both offensively & defensively - you should know what all positions on the court have to do within these strategies, regardless of which position is your primary position.

- Play big - strive for excellence. Big goals + big effort = Excellent results!


** Family discounts are available on monthly fees and sessions. Please contact us for details

The 5 E's of DYB


1. Effort


2. Education


3. Enthusiasm


4. Ethics


5. Excellence

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