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Mission Statement:


The mission of Dena Youth Basketball (aka the Pasadena Vikings) is to provide basketball training, instruction and structure for female student athletes ages 4-18 regardless of prior experience or level of skill.



Vision Statement:


Pasadena Viking Basketball provides leadership and modeling of our core mission through support and communication with youth, parents and coaches. Our program encourages teamwork in a safe atmosphere through the spirit of competition. We will teach fundamentals, promote sportsmanship, respect for self and others while promoting basketball instruction and competitive match-ups at Local, Regional, State and National events. 




Our Core Values:


Besides teaching young athletes basketball, the club tries to promote strong values. Our core values are the 5 E’s – Effort, Education, Enthusiasm, Ethics and Excellence


1. Effort is the use of physical or mental energy to do something; A difficult exertion of ones strength or will.  Every Viking athlete is expected to give an earnest effort while participating in Viking practice and games. Hard work and dedication is the path to individual success.

2. Education is important and will last long after athletic endeavors. Each athlete is encouraged to strive to excel in the classroom as well as the basketball court.


3. Enthusiasm is defined as a “Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause”. Viking athletes are expected to exude a “great excitement and interest” in their own personal development as well as team development. Teamwork and cooperation are the paths to group success.


4.  Ethics – Both Coaches, parents and players are expected to conduct themselves within the ethical standards of the Vikings. See Mission statement for further illumination.


5. Excellence is always doing your best and striving to make your best, better; therefore, always   have the expectation of achieving excellence for yourself and your team. No individual is bigger than the team.




We try to teach these values through example and reinforcement as we build and operate our program.

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